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4 weeks ago


oh my gosh i need a life.

i need to actually go out for once with other people

i need to stop saying that i want to hang out with people and not actually doing anything about it.

i think i’ll take a break from this website for a while (i say that and then you’ll probably find me right back here again tomorrow, but these are baby steps)

i have just been struck with this realization that everyone else is having way more fun than i am in life. even if i find myself having a lot of fun in one moment, it’s always me alone with nobody else, or just with my family

i’d like to change that somehow.

sorry that this post is so angsty and vague, but my life needs to change and taking a tumblr hiatus might help that.

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reblog if u understand this inspirational message

I speak music it means never give up



reblog if u understand this inspirational message

I speak music it means never give up

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get to know me meme: [3/5] favourite movies → a cinderella story

i lost my best friend that day. from then on, the only fairy tales in my life were the ones i read about in books.

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Alright let me help out then:

1) Most of the cast is female. In fact only two main characters are male.

2) Both male characters take typically non-masculine hobbies. Emerson Cod knits almost non-stop and makes pop-up books. Ned is literally called “The Pie-Maker” because he bakes homestyle pies from his mother’s method. Both are shown to be very nurturing and even maternal characters. Conversely, the women? A pair of professional travelling show performers that have gritty sexual scandals the way men usually get (see the entire “Chuck’s father” storylines), a beekeeper who is the single most positive and optimistic character imaginable, and a former professional jockey- Three of four pro athletes.

3) You could very easily make the claim Ned is asexual.

4) Yes, the storyline is about romance. But it’s also about the positive side of a love story, and their only drama lies in overcoming their inability to actually share contact.

5) A very good friend of mine recommended this show to me as “Disney for adults.” I told her it was already on my list to watch because “It’s by Bryan Fuller, from Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me.” Bryan Fuller is now most known for “Hannibal.” The same camera methods and bright colours and lighting techniques Hannibal is known for? Perfected in this show, just using a different tone- The same colour methods in reverse, upping the vivid greens and yellows instead of reds and blues, which sells emotion both ways.

7) Probably one of the best examples of a modern day fairy tale possible.

8) Narrated by Jim Dale- The narrator for the HP audio books.

I don’t know if anyone’s already added links to this, but all of these here work and if you hover over the links, an episode description shows :)

Season 1:

  1. Pie-Lette
  2. Dummy
  3. The Fun in Funeral
  4. Pigeon
  5. Girth
  6. Bitches
  7. Smell of Success
  8. Bitter Sweets
  9. Corpsicle

Season 2:

  1. Bzzzzzzzzz!
  2. Circus Circus
  3. Bad Habits
  4. Frescorts
  5. Dim Sum Lose Some
  6. Oh Oh Oh… It’s Magic
  7. Robbing Hood
  8. Comfort Food
  9. The Legend of Merle McQuoddy
  10. The Norwegians
  11. Window Dressed to Kill
  12. Water & Power
  13. Kerplunk

This post is the reason I started watching Pushing Daisies and I encourage everyone to do the same

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do you ever go through those phases where you just don’t feel like talking to anyone for a few days and it’s not because you’re mad or anything you just don’t feel like talking???

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Our mental synchronization can have but one explanation…
Elsa and Anna Parallels

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Attention All




My younger brother says that the Harry Potter fandom is dead. He says that no one is looking for Harry Potter stuff on tumblr anymore, and that it is a weakening and debilitating fandom. Help me prove him wrong. Please reblog/like this so I can show him how many of us remain faithful and loyal



I don’t blog about HP that much because it’s obvious I love HP.

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omg guys there are builders renovating the house next door and i can hear them passionately singing along to all star

now they’re playing i’m a believer these guys know how to have fun


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hold on i gotta blow the dust off my VCR


hold on i gotta blow the dust off my VCR

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remember when icarly got away with saying this

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Mr. Brightside

|  The Killers


I’m comin’ out of my cage and I’ve been doing just fine

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